Goldie Hawn Gets Emotional Singing To Son, Oliver Hudson, On His Birthday In New Video

goldie hawn gets emotional singing for oliver hudson's birthday

Goldie Hawn recently posted a video to her Instagram feed singing “You Are My Sunshine” to her first-born son, Oliver Hudson, on his birthday. “To my first born @theoliverhudson ⁣… and what a day it was.⁣ I Love you so ❤️❤️❤️” she writes in the caption alongside the video. As she continues to sing the loving song, viewers can see her begin to well up with tears and even wipe one away. Aww!

Of course, viewers couldn’t help but comment on the sweet video. One person says, “I too, get so emotional when my grown up babies have a birthday! Happy Birthday, Oliver!” Another writes, “If i did this for my son he would be like ok moma calm down. Lol so sweet. My son is 43.” A last person says, “That’s so sweet! It made me cry. I used to sing this to my boys for I still cry when I sing this song bc I miss them when they were young. Thanks for sharing! 💙💙”


Goldie Hawn sings for son Oliver Hudson on his birthday

Goldie shares son Oliver and daughter Kate with her ex-husband Bill Hudson. She then went on to welcome her son Wyatt with current long-time partner Kurt Russell. Both Kate and her brother recently revealed that they both thought Oliver was the favorite son. On an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host asked them both who they thought the favorite child was. They both pointed to Oliver with a laugh.


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Stories from Oliver’s childhood

Goldie Hawn Gets Emotional Singing To Son, Oliver Hudson, On His Birthday In New Video
Andy Cohen asks Kate and Oliver who is Goldie’s favorite child / YouTube Screenshot

Oliver has also previously discussed how when he and Kate were younger, they didn’t want anyone to know that their mom was Goldie Hawn. “We were at sleepaway camp and it was my duty in life to have nobody know who my parents were, I didn’t want anyone to know my mom was Goldie Hawn,” he recalls on The Ellen Show back in 2019.

“I did the best that I could and nobody knew at camp. And we had this big hill that descended down into this dock, and the director of the camp was doing his morning announcement. [And] suddenly to the back of us this sea plane comes roaring down and lands. [And] everyone gets quiet, all 700 campers, and it pulls up to the dock. And out comes my mother. And she came out and said: ‘I want to see my kids!’ Nobody comes to see their kids at sleepaway camp.”

Goldie Hawn Gets Emotional Singing To Son, Oliver Hudson, On His Birthday In New Video
Oliver Hudson and Goldie Hawn / Carrie-nelson/IMAGECOLLECT

Wishing a very happy birthday to Oliver Hudson!

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