54-Year-Old Salma Hayek Radiates Beauty In Stunning Yellow Birthday Outfit

salma hayek birthday outfit

Salma Hayek just celebrated her 54th birthday and, of course, celebrated accordingly by posting a little something to her Instagram feed. She included two photos of herself in a gorgeous and bold yellow outfit ensemble. She wore a yellow bathing suit with a yellow flowing skirt tied at the waist.

“I am very grateful and proud for every single one of my 54 years. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, especially to my fans who made a special account for my birthday. What a gift!” she writes in her Instagram post.


Salma Hayek celebrates turning 54

Salma had her hair tied up featuring a red lip as she posed for her photos near an exotic seaside location. Reports say she has been on an extended vacation with her husband François-Henri Pinault in Greece. It definitely looks like they are having a great time there with such stunning views!


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Fans can’t believe how great she looks at her age!


She posted a set of photos the day before her birthday, featuring a lowkey black ensemble. “Guess who’s turning 54 tomorrow? By the way, this is not a Throwback Thursday! Thank you Marjo for turning into a photographer during the vacation!” she writes.

Her fans have been commenting on her social media, sending birthday wishes and also commenting on how stunning she looks at 54. “You don’t look a day over 25,” one person writes. Another says, “You get more amazing with each passing year! Incredible!” Her daughter, Valentina Pinault, who is 12, has also joined them on their vacation.

How Salma sees herself now

Despite looking so fabulous at 54, she admits she can be hard on herself sometimes. “When I look at pictures of me in my 30s or in my 40s, I see myself more beautiful than I saw myself at the time,” she says to PEOPLE. “I used to criticize myself so much. Now when I look in the mirror and there are things that I don’t see, I think about how much I’m going to like me in 10 years.”

Happy beautiful birthday, Salma!

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