People Are Losing It Over New Photos Of Ozzy Osbourne With Grey Hair

ozzy osbourne grey hair
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People are seriously losing their minds over new photos that just leaked of Ozzy Osbourne with grey hair. Ozzy was pictured leaving his house for the first time in a while, and fans are shocked because we all know Ozzy to have long, wavy brown locks. Nope, he’s still human like the rest of us! And, well, it looks like he might be ditching the rockstar hairstyle for good.

This all started with Ozzy briefly trending on Twitter and people are apparently shocked to learn that Ozzy dyes his hair like the rest of us. After being in quarantine for months, it’s no surprise his brown hair has disappeared.


Ozzy Osbourne now has grey hair!

Just take a look at what people have been saying in response to the new photos!

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“I refuse to believe this is Ozzy Osbourne.”

Honestly, though, he does look quite handsome with the grey hair!


“I love how Ozzy is embracing the grey.”

I honestly love the grey look and think he should stick with it. He looks fantastic and it’s a nice change of pace to the long flowing locks that we all know. We’re unsure if he’ll let the grey stay or re-dye it eventually, but regardless, we love Ozzy! He and wife Sharon have been quarantining as necessary during the pandemic as Ozzy’s underlying health issues persist (his battle with Parkinson’s disease). Over the past year, Sharon also changed up her hair, going for a lighter shade instead of her usual red.

What do you think?

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