“Turn It Down A Notch” And Other Nostalgic Phrases We Still Use To This Day

Phrases you still say that belong with actions you no longer do

Have you ever wondered about the origin of some of the phrases you say? For example, many phrases actually did reflect an action back in the day. As times change, you probably don’t do these actions anymore. For example, you probably still say you’re “rolling down the window,” even though you’re now pressing a button.

However, I’m sure you remember having to actually roll down the windows in old cars! Here is a list of some nostalgic phrases we still say, even though we no longer do the action associated with it. How many do you remember? How many do you still say often?


Put a sock in it

old vintage gramophone
Gramophone / Flickr

When there were gramophones, people would literally put socks in the trumpet to make it quieter. Now, if you tell someone to put a sock in it, you’re telling them you want them to be quiet.

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Turn it down a notch

vintage tv with knobs
Vintage TV / Pixabay

Remember when TVs had volume and channel knobs? Your parents may have made you the human remote and told you to turn it down a notch.

Hit the hay

hay bale
Hay / Wikimedia Commons

When you hit the hay, it means you’re going to bed. In the early 1900s, people would sleep on cloth sacks that were stuffed with hay. They hit the hay to get bugs out and make it more comfortable before going to sleep.

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