Goldie Hawn Admits She Cries 3 Times A Day Over Concern Of Others During Pandemic

Goldie Hawn Admits She Cries 3 Times A Day Over Concern Of Others During Pandemic
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Goldie Hawn recently appeared on Good Morning Britain when she admitted she cries “probably three times a day.” She reveals that she thinks of the anger and abuse that others could be going through right now during the pandemic. “We are very lucky and I’m incredibly grateful, but I do feel a tremendous angst and a tremendous sadness,” Hawn says.

She continues, “I find every day I cry probably three times a day because it hurts me to think that there is abuse going on, anger going on and this all has to do with confinement, fear, and uncertainty about what is going to happen. It’s catastrophizing.”


Goldie Hawn reveals she cries “probably three times a day” because of the pandemic

Hawn has also acknowledged that the quarantining she’s doing with long-time partner Kurt Russell may look different to others because “we are in a rarefied world, we have lovely houses and places to be, my family live very close and we do a lot of social distancing.”


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Hawn also did an interview with The Guardian last month where she offered up a self-isolation tip for people. “Before you go to bed, think of three things that went well today. I don’t care if it’s a little crazy thing – it doesn’t matter.” Hawn is also the founder of MindUp, which is a program to help children thrive through mindfulness practices.

Most recently, Hawn posted a video of herself getting a workout in during her quarantine. She was bouncing on a mini-trampoline while also dancing to Dua Lipa’s “Physical.” Her fans and followers loved it, as it got them in the mood to groove as well! “Dance, jump and twirl like nobody’s watching ❤️💃🏼⁣⁣” Hawn writes in the caption alongside the video. It was a great reminder for people to get up and get moving, even during quarantine!

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