Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Came Out Of Retirement To Act In His Film

Clint Eastwood got his daughter out of acting retirement to play a role in his movie

Clint Eastwood‘s daughter Alison Eastwood said she was done with acting in 2014. She retired from acting after appearing in the film Finding Harmony. However, her dad was able to convince her to play a role in his film, The Mule, which came out in 2018.

She said her dad’s producer Sam Moore actually asked her first. When he asked if she would consider doing the film, she said she got so nervous she almost threw up. She also wondered why he wanted her for the movie.


Alison was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed to play the role

alison and clint eastwood
Alison and Clint Eastwood / Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images

Of course, she ended up agreeing because she wanted to spend more time with her dad. In the film, she also plays his daughter. Clint directs and stars in The Mule. It is based on a true story of a 90-year-old caught smuggling $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan.

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the mule premiere clint eastwood alison
(L-R) Christina Sandera, Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, and Stacy Poitras attend the premiere of ‘The Mule / David Livingston/Getty Images

“The more I thought about, I was like, ‘Well, maybe this is an opportunity to not only play his daughter but also just to spend some free time with him,” Alison said. “And my husband said, ‘If you don’t do this, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.’”

She continued, “I think he has a robot chip in the back of his head. He’s not human. I don’t get worried. I don’t know how he does it. I’m not sure. I can only aspire that I could have half the stamina he has. I directed two films and the last one almost killed me. He just seems to make it look so easy, which is very inspiring but it’s also like, ‘Why can’t it be as easy for me?’”

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