13 Relatable Things Women Over 40 Secretly Search Online


7. “Headache and brain tumor”

things women over 40 google
Headache / Wikimedia Commons

This one might be something we all search online from time to time, no matter what age. Don’t get too enthralled into the world of WebMD, though, or you’ll scare yourself into a headache!

8. “How you know if you have menopause”

things women google
Menopause symptoms chart / Wikimedia Commons

I can imagine my mom probably did this a few years back when she started. You gotta know the symptoms!


9. “Cute reading glasses”

things women google
Reading glasses / Pikrepo

This one, I know for a fact my mom has searched many times before. There’s a lot of cute ones out there!

10. “Non-invasive facelifts”


If you’re not feeling Botox

11. “Does squinting at my iPhone cause wrinkles?”

things women search
Looking at iPhone / Peakpx

A lot of people who are up there in age are often seen squinting at their iPhones while the text size is on the largest font it can possibly be.

12. “Flattering Mom Jeans”

things women search
Mom jeans / Flickr

Who said mom jeans aren’t cute?! They may have been made fun of back in the day, but things come back in style. I’ve personally seen young adult women wearing ‘mom jeans’ so rock them until you can’t no more!

13. “How to stop my husband’s snoring without waking him up”

things women search online
Sleeping/snoring husband / Flickr

Let’s face it, at this point, you’ve probably already elbowed him enough times to knock him off the bed.

13. “Viagra”

things women search google
Viagra / Flickr

‘Nuff said.

Did you ever secretly Google any of these things? Let us know!


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