Woman Gives Fun Porch Performances To Get People Smiling Around The World

One woman is helping people combat the worries from this pandemic with happiness and humor
One woman is helping people combat the worries from this pandemic with happiness and humor / erinsporchpics on Instagram

The coronavirus pandemic has driven a lot of people to the confines of their homes. TV provides a lot of entertainment but lacks the human connection a lot of people crave now. Social distancing, however, impedes obtaining that. Or, it usually does. But one woman is giving fun porch performances for everyone to enjoy. With her fun stunts and costuming, she’s bringing smiles to people around the world without leaving her home.

Everyone could use some levity right now. Clifton, Virginia native Erin Kemble took matters into her own hands. From her porch, Kemble dresses up as various iconic figures from pop culture. She’s dressed up as Rosy the Riveter, E.T., and more. She considers these acts to be her contribution to society’s fight against the pandemic.


Erin Kemble’s porch performances take people through a pop culture journey

The news can often have harrowing news. With limited access to other forms of entertainment, it can be overwhelming to hear such somber updates all the time. Erin Kemble stepped up to combat this sadness and worry, appointing herself everyone’s entertainer right from her home. She posts pictures on her Instagram under the name erinsporchpics.


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She began this routine weeks ago. Her posts and pictures offer something for everyone. They include contemporary references and respectful nods to the past. She’s been Rosie the Riveter assuring people they can do it. And, with some fantastic makeup, she’s been Bob Ross. While in this getup, she posted a sign with a very helpful reminder. It reads, “it’s so important to do something every day that will make you smile.”

This project means a lot to Kemble too

Kemble has a strict policy of spreading joy and embracing all things silly
Kemble has a strict policy of spreading joy and embracing all things silly / erinsporchpics on Instagram

People get a lot of big smiles out of Kemble’s pictures. That itself means a lot to her. “I’m not on the front lines,” she stated, “but if I can be a fool and make people laugh that’s great.” Indeed, her reasoning for this started as very personal. “I started doing it to keep my sanity,” she explained to Good Morning America. With three kids of her own, she considers her upbeat social media updates to be her job from home.

Her porch performances, ultimately, bring a nice smile to everyone. For Kemble, it provides a sense of purpose and method of spreading joy to everyone – including herself. She’s gone through quite a few outfits already and finds it hard to choose a favorite. But, in keeping with her theme of embracing all things silly, she mostly favors Violet from Willy Wonka. “I just love the silliness of it all,” she explained. So do we!

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