Carole King Re-Writes Song “So Far Away” To Relate To Coronavirus Pandemic


Carole King has decided to re-write the lyrics to one of her famous songs during the coronavirus pandemic. She made a YouTube video with some new lyrics to her song “So Far Away.” The song was originally released in 1971.

At the beginning of the video, Carole shares her wishes of health for her fans, and thanks to the medical professionals and other essential workers around the country. She sits in her home, in front of an impressive book library. She also encourages everyone to stay home in hopes that this crisis will pass “very soon.”


Carole King posted a video with different lyrics to “So Far Away”

carole king at home
Carole King at home / Instagram

Instead of the lyrics, “So far away / Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore? / It would be so fine to see your face at my door / It doesn’t help to know you’re just time away,” she sings, “So far away / Everybody has to stay in one place anymore / It would be so fine to see your face at my door / Doesn’t help to know / You’re just time away.”

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carole king
Carole King / Instagram

Other artists are re-working songs to urge others to practice social distancing or good hygiene. For example, Neil Diamond changed the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline.” He sang, “Hands / Washing hands / Reaching out / Don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.”

Watch Carole King’s video below. Her voice is so comforting in this tough time. Shee also shares words of comfort on her Instagram page. She wrote, “This is me self-isolating as a healthy (knock wood!) elder taking extra precautions. I just finished getting dressed as if I were going out. I even put on a little bit of lipstick and blush and earrings. Despite being isolated, I’m making every effort to look and feel my best and do normal things such as making my bed, vacuuming, and doing yoga, stretching, and dancing. Don’t let the new “normal” get you down. We will get through this.”

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