Man Sets Out On Secret Search For Wife’s Lost Wedding Ring — And He Finds It!

Man Sets Out On Secret Search For Wife's Lost Wedding Ring — And He Finds It!
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Drew Huskey

Drew Huskey and his wife, Qian “Emily” Yang, were on vacation in Canada when her wedding ring accidentally slid off and landed into two feet of snow. Emily thought she would never see her ring again, but Drew had other plans in mind. He had an entire secret search planned in his head. The two have been married for three years and live happily together in Wildwood, Missouri. Her lost wedding ring cost $10,000.

The loss took place on October 2nd, 2018. They were driving on a mountain between Banff National Park and Jasper National Park in Canada. Additionally, it was during a snowstorm when they got stuck behind a crash. After a long 11-hour ride due to being stuck, Emily calls for a restroom stop. “She gets out of the car and falls into two feet [of] snow,” Drew tells Fox News. As she stands up and brushes the snow off, and she feels the ring go flying off her finger.


On the hunt to retrieve a lost wedding ring

Man Sets Out On Secret Search For Wife's Lost Wedding Ring — And He Finds It!
Emily’s wedding ring / Courtesy of Drew Huskey

“All of a sudden my wife screams, ‘I lost my ring’ and I was like, ‘Oh man here we go,’” Drew recalls. But, at the same time, Drew is also thinking to himself, “I am coming back here to look for the damn ring.” After finding out from people in the area when the snow was supposed to thaw out, he makes his decision. When he got home from their trip, he marked his calendar to return to the same spot on May 31st to try and retrieve the ring.

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His co-workers even mentioned a website called The Ring Finders. They offer an online directory of “metal detecting specialists” who will help hunt for lost jewelry. “I contacted the only person anywhere close to where the ring had fallen. And he was about two hours away. His name was Syd Kanten,” Drew remembers. “It was funny because at first I didn’t ask if he could help me find it, I just asked for his advice. ‘I plan on buying a metal detector, I plan on going back, what should I be worried about?’ And I asked him about how the weather is typically that time of year and he was kind of taken aback because he was like, ‘Someone usually hires me to go look for it, they don’t usually go back and look for it themselves.’”

Finally finding the ring after two hours of searching

Man Sets Out On Secret Search For Wife's Lost Wedding Ring — And He Finds It!
Drew Huskey and Syd Kanten / Courtesy of Drew Huskey

As a result, Kanten offered to help Drew retrieve the ring. This happened along with Kanten’s son, Tyler. Together, they all worked to find the ring. They had been searching for two hours when Tyler stumbled upon something. “He looks down and sees something shining. He bends down, picks it up and says, “Oh, is this the ring we are looking for?’” That’s when Drew just absolutely loses it.

“I was in total disbelief that we found it in just two hours of searching,” Drew says. “That night I put it back in its original box and set it right next to the couch and typed up the entire confession, letting my wife know the trip was really me going to Canada to find the ring that she had lost.” This was shortly after the couple’s three-year anniversary. “She sobbed for about an hour and then she ran upstairs and immediately called her mom in China to let her mom know what I did because I kept this a secret from everyone, that I was fleeing the country to find my wife’s wedding ring,” Drew recalls. What a beautiful reunion between wife and ring!

Man Sets Out On Secret Search For Wife's Lost Wedding Ring — And He Finds It!
Drew Huskey upon finding the ring / Courtesy of Drew Huskey

Now that the ring has been safely reunited with Emily, the couple reveals what they plan to do next. “We have an appointment this weekend to go to Shane Co. and get what’s called ‘sizing beads’ put on the ring so basically it won’t slide off again or anything like that.”

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