What Lowe’s Home Improvement Looked Like Through The Years

Courtesy of Lowe’s

However, the future of Lowe’s became unclear when Buchan died in 1961. That’s when the company’s executive team enacted a profit-sharing plan that allowed employees to own the company. Lowe’s would officially go public and become listed on the New York Stock Exchange by 1979.

Courtesy of Lowe’s

1984 would mark Lowe’s first year that it raked in $1 billion in sales. The same year saw the company net $25 million. The modernization of Lowe’s truly begins in 1994.

Courtesy of Lowe’s

It took a long time of commitment, a vision, and a creative process to generate success. But Lowe’s truly came into itself and became the world’s leading home improvement retailer that still stands today.

Lowe’s today / Mohammad Khursheed/Reuters

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