Boiled Peanuts Are The ‘Caviar of the South’


If you’ve ever had a boiled peanut, you might be from the South. Often jokingly named “the caviar of the South,” these are a Southern snack staple. One man named Chris Bible is referred to as the Peanut Dude for his love of boiled peanuts. He sells different versions in South Carolina.

Chris admits that boiled peanuts take him back to his childhood. Now he has been selling his own versions in a parking lot nut stand for about nine years. He boils the peanuts in his background in giant vats and comes up with new flavors all the time.


Boiled peanuts are a Southern treat

boiled peanuts
Boiled peanuts / Instagram

At first, he wasn’t making much, but now he can sell hundreds of pounds of these delicious peanuts on a weekend. However, he will never give away his secret recipe! He joked, “Would you have ever asked the founder of Coca-Cola what his recipe was?”

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chris bible the peanut man
Chris Bible / YouTube

There is no right way to make this Southern treat. Chris said, “Everyone puts the salt in at a different time. The heat high at a different time.” But, for those who have never indulged in such a treat, what do they taste like?

“Take the word ‘peanut,’ throw it away, and have an expectation more of a potato-like texture,” the Peanut Dude says. Have you ever had this snack? It certainly sounds interesting and many Southerners love it! Learn more from Chris himself below:

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