Bridal Shop Shows A Mannequin In A Wheelchair In The Front Window

Bridal Shop Shows A Mannequin In A Wheelchair In The Front Window
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The White Collection, a bridal shop in Portishead, England, is earning the applause of many as it has decided to show a mannequin sitting in a wheelchair in its front window. Shopping for your wedding dress can be an anxiety-inducing time if you worry about finding the right one. It can be amplified even more when you have some sort of mobility impairment. The White Collection is showing all women that they are welcome and receive equal treatment when shopping there.

Twitter user Beth Wilson posts a photo of the mannequin in a wheelchair to social media. “The new wedding shop in town has a wheelchair using mannequin and it shouldn’t be exciting but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen disability portrayed in a shop window,” she writes.


Bridal shop showcases mannequin in a wheelchair

After Beth shared this photo, many other women stepped forward to share their own wedding day stories. One woman says, “Have to say, when I got married it was the most difficult and emotional element. So much pressure to be that bride. Bought @jimmychoo shoes to highlight wheelchair users love shoes too!”

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Another woman shares a story about her recent engagement as a wheelchair user, so this means a lot to her. “As a recently engaged wheelchair user, this brought tears to my eyes… I’ve put off looking at dresses because of the fear of it not working with my chair/ it not being the whole ‘say yes to the dress’ experience. The inclusivity here is amazing, but also sad I’m so shocked by it.”

This awesome, inclusive option for brides isn’t just for brides either. A shopper was able to snap a photo of a male mannequin in a wheelchair dressed in a tux. This display was specifically seen in Tokyo and many are hoping that other shops across the globe follow suit.

What an awesome step forward to including our disabled friends when it comes to their big day(s)!

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