A Complete List Of Stores Closing By The End Of 2019


  • A lot of retailers closed hundreds of stores this year. 
  • Many malls are also failing around the country. 
  • See a complete list of stores closing by the end of this year and beginning of next. 


Some say that millennials are killing retail stores. However, as many retail stores are closing, others such as Target are doing very well. Even as online businesses soar, it seems that younger generations still do enjoy shopping at retail stores. They just seem to be pickier these days. Find out a list of stores closing this year.

2019 saw a lot of stores closing and even more shut their doors as the year ends. Here is a complete list of the stores that are closing stores or closing for good. If you love some of these retailers, you may want to try to visit them one last time if they are still open.


A.C. Moore

a.c. moore arts and crafts
A.C. Moore / Flickr

The brand is closing all 145 stores. 40 of these stores will be taken over by Michaels.

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Forever 21

forever 21
Forever 21 / Flickr

The fashion retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this year. They plan to close 111 stores in the United States, and most of their Asia and Europe locations.

Motherhood Maternity

motherhood maternity store
Motherhood Maternity / Facebook

Destination Maternity Corporation’s bankruptcy affected Motherhood Maternity. Over 100 stores will close.


Sears / Flickr

The ongoing Sears saga continues. They will close 51 additional locations by February 2020.


GameStop / Wikimedia Commons

They are closing around 200 stores around the world.

Charming Charlie

charming charlie
Charming Charlie / Flickr

After a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Charming Charlie will close the remaining 261 stores.

Barneys New York

barneys new york
Barneys New York / Wikimedia Commons

They filed for bankruptcy this summer and will be closing all of their stores.



GNC / Flickr

They are closing around 900 stores, and specifically, all mall locations will be closed.

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