104-Year-Old Woman Catches A Deer On Her First Hunt Ever

104-Year-Old Woman Catches A Deer On Her First Hunt Ever (1)

  • Florence Teeters is 104 years old and has just caught herself her first deer on her first hunt ever.
  • Her son, Bill, took her hunting on her own land after obtaining her hunting license.
  • She may be the oldest registered hunter in the state of Wisconsin.


104-year-old Florence Teeters from Wisconsin just went hunting for the first time with her son, Bill, and on her own land. On her first try, she managed to bag a buck. Bill is the youngest of five children. “She was born in 1915 and raised in Phillips,” he says of his mom. He reveals that his mom revealed to him last year saying she wanted to get her hunting license, and they made that dream come true.

“I took mom out to the blind this year. I had a nice chair for her and it was nice and warm. A little after 4 p.m., a buck shows up about 30 yards away. I tapped her on the knee and I pointed. She nodded and smiled and was real quiet. Then she took the shot!”


Florence bags a deer on her first hunt ever

104 year old woman bags a buck on first hunt
Florence Teeters / Courtesy

Bill says that his mom was screaming with delight, “I got a buck! I got a buck!” He opens up more about his mom’s interest in hunting. “She wanted to go hunting because she wanted to experience the part of being out in the stand with the boys,” Bill says. He continues, “She likes the idea of being out in the woods.”

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Joe Paul with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources opens up about the story. “I think it’s fantastic,” he says. “Sounds like she comes from a family of hunters so they know what they are doing.”

reported by By Tim Elliott, NBC15 

She is very outgoing and adventurous despite being 104

104 year old bags a buck on her first hunt
Hunter and deer / Winchester Ammunition

Paul would pose for a photo with the 104-year-old woman when she first got her hunting license. Bill says that despite her age, his mom loves adventure and getting out there. “She went ziplining in Milwaukee and she goes to Mardi Gras every year,” he reveals. At the moment, the DNR is looking into if Florence is the oldest registered hunter in the state. It seems like it may be a big possibility! And Paul personally believes that’s the case.

The DNR reports that people born before 1973 are not required to take a hunter’s safety course. Sounds like Florence definitely made the cutoff!

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