Olive Garden Now Has An Exclusive Lifetime Pasta Pass


  • Olive Garden is teasing the release of one of their fan-favorite deals. 
  • They will be offering a pasta pass, which allows unlimited pasta for eight weeks. It will cost $100.
  • They are now offering a lifetime pasta pass for the first 50 people that will cost $500.


We previously reported that Olive Garden will be selling their pasta passes. Now, 50 lucky customers can get a lifetime pasta pass for an extra $400, so it would be $500 total. The passes go on sale on www.PastaPass.com on August 15, 2019, at 2 p.m. ET. 24,000 regular pasta passes will be sold and they are likely going to go quick.

Olive Garden said that the lifetime pasta pass will pay off by the 45th meal. According to Yahoo, Olive Garden said, “The Lifetime Pasta Pass includes a lifetime of unlimited servings of guests’ favorite pastas, homemade sauces, and toppings, accompanied by unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks.”


Olive Garden is also releasing a new sauce during the Pasta Pass promotion

pasta pass olive garden
Olive Garden pasta pass / Facebook

The chain restaurant has also announced that they are adding a new sauce to the never-ending pasta promotion. It will be creamy roasted garlic sauce. Would you want to try it?

Olive Garden is bringing back a fan favorite deal and it goes on sale soon. Get excited! Starting on August 15th, the Italian chain restaurant will be selling never-ending pasta passes. These passes generally cost $100 and let you eat unlimited pasta at Olive Garden for eight weeks.


However, Olive Garden is teasing that there will be a twist to this deal. The restaurant is posting clues on social media and their website that hint to a change with the deal.

The clues that Olive Garden is releasing about the pasta pass deal

olive garden pasta pass clues
Pasta pass clues / Instagram

In the past, people have claimed that the pasta pass saved them thousands. Think about it. Most pasta meals at Olive Garden are over $10 each. If you eat at Olive Garden more than ten times in the eight weeks, you will be saving money with the pasta pass.

In addition, on Olive Garden’s website, they posted this riddle in association with the pasta pass. The riddle includes links that go to their social media pages. It reads:

olive garden alfredo
Olive Garden meal / Instagram

You’ve got a big cravingListen, you’ll surely submitYou know what you need nowIt’s a pasta bowl that just won’t quit

Text your friendsFor they know the placeSoup, salad, breadsticks andEvery dish you want to taste

olive garden ravioli
Olive Garden ravioli / Instagram

Oh, but what’s this?There’s something newA mystery awaitsIt’s a clue, what to-do?


Deeper and deeperMuch further you’ll fallFinding clues to the secretExpect to have fun, above all

more cheese
Cheese / Instagram

The answers are thereFor the questions you seekAnd it’s ok to ask others for helpWe’re all family here, so to speak

Can you figure out what the new twist will be for the pasta pass? On Thursday, August 15th at 2:00 pm EST, 24,000 passes will go on sale. Last year, they all sold out in under a minute! So, you may want to sign on to Olive Garden’s website and snag yours quickly.

spaghetti olive garden
Spaghetti / Instagram

Last year, they also sold an annual pasta pass for $300. Fingers crossed they will be offering both deals this year! Will you get a pasta pass from Olive Garden? If you eat there a lot, it could be a great deal.

Olive Garden also recently announced their new $5 take-home entrees.

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