Check Out The First-Ever Roller Coaster On A Cruise Ship


Have you ever wanted to go on a roller coaster while you’re on a cruise? As cruises become more popular, cruise ships are doing anything and everything to try to compete with other cruise lines. Carnival Cruise is releasing a new ship next year called Mardi Gras and will contain the first onboard roller coaster!

The coaster will be called The Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster. It will be on the top of the outdoor deck and will go up to 40 miles per hour. So, it will be a relatively slow roller coaster because the fastest in the world go over 100 miles per hour. Still, it seems like quite the accomplishment for Carnival Cruises!


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Carnival Cruise roller coaster / Facebook

According to CNBC, Glenn Aprile, Carnival Cruise Line’s Director of Innovation said, “Creating the first shipboard roller coaster posed quite a challenge as it’s never been done. The design and movement of the ship needed to be factored into the engineering and design, something that doesn’t need to be accounted for on a land-based coaster.”

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Carnival Mardi Gas / Facebook

Crazy to think about! Most roller coasters are on land. This one will be aboard a ship, so they have to factor in how the water and the ship moves. It would be a pretty cool experience to see the ocean as you are twisting through a coaster!


Bolt Sea Coaster / Facebook

The coaster will allow two people to ride at a time. The passenger can control how fast or slow the cart goes, which is pretty cool. The coaster will be about 187 feet above sea level and take only about a minute. However, if only two people can ride at a time, there will likely be a pretty long wait.

Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras pool / Facebook

The coaster was developed and built by a German company that specializes in roller coasters. The first prototype of this roller coaster was tested way back in 2016 and it seems it is finally almost ready. Reports say this new coaster cost millions of dollars.

What do you think about the first roller coaster to be aboard a cruise ship? Would you try it?

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Check out a preview of the roller coaster below:

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