Four Major Celebrity Mansions You’ll Never Believe Were Broken Into

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Have you ever had your home broken into? It is probably one of the scariest and most vulnerable things that can happen to you. Your home is your sanctuary and to have someone go through your personal belongings is horrific to experience before and after the fact.

Just like us, celebrities often have their homes broken into as well. Some of these celebrities needed a security system upgrade after these break-ins! Here is a list of some of the worst or most unusual break-ins of celebrity homes over the years:

Kelly McGillis

kelly mcgillis former home
Kelly McGillis former home / YouTube and Paramount Pictures

Kelly McGillis is most known for her role in Top Gun. In 2016, she shared her home invasion story on social media. She said that one night she came home and her front door was open. She was soon attacked by a woman named Laurence Marie Dorn. Reports say the woman was mentally ill.

Kelly said she ran out the door and called 911, but the attacker kept going after Kelly. Finally, she set off her car alarm which distracted the woman enough so Kelly could drive away in her truck and get help. This certainly sounds horrifying! Learn how to keep yourself safe in these situations😲

Susan Sarandon

susan sarandon former home
Susan Sarandon’s former home / StreetEasy and Wikimedia Commons

In 2014, Susan’s home was broken into through a terrace door she left open. That is a big no-no! Unfortunately, the robber stole expensive jewelry, a laptop, and a camera. I bet she has a nice security system now and doesn’t leave doors unlocked.

Does your security system need an upgrade?

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Nicolas Cage

nicolas cage former home
Nicolas Cage’s former home / Variety and Wikimedia Commons

In a frightening, but rather humorous break-in story, Nicolas Cage said he was once woken up by a man inside his home in Orange County. The man was reportedly naked, besides wearing Nicolas’s leather jacket, and was also eating a Fudgesicle.

Queen Elizabeth II

buckingham palace queen elizabeth ii
Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth II / Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia

Yes, even the Buckingham Palace has been broken into! In 1982, a safe breaker named Michael Fagan got into the royal palace. He apparently ate cheese and crackers, drank wine, and napped on the throne before heading into the Queen’s bedroom. How strange is that?

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