People Are Sharing The Basic Rules Of Etiquette That Young People Have Forgotten In 2019


When it comes to old school etiquette and manners, kids these days just don’t know all of the rules. There are so many basic rules that people should follow to be polite, but not many do. When someone asked on Reddit, “What is a basic rule of etiquette that everyone should know, but not everyone follows?”, thousands jumped in to answer.

This question went viral and many people shared basic rules of etiquette. Here is a round-up of some of the best, most obvious etiquette rules. Which ones do you always follow and which ones did you forget about completely?


1. There are rules on elevators, trains, and other places where people get on and off

Elevator / Wikimedia Commons

Let other people get off before you get on. This works for elevators, train platforms, busses, and other places where people are getting on and off around the same time. Many people rush on and it is just plain rude!

2. Use your listening skills

Talking / Pixabay

These days, most people barely listen to each other. They are just thinking about what they’d like to say or are interrupting. Make sure to listen to someone and listen fully before you intend to reply.


3. Walk in pairs on the sidewalk


Have you ever been walking and a group of people take up the entire sidewalk and don’t move over when you walk by? So rude, right? The rule is that you should walk in pairs so there is enough room for people to walk both ways on the sidewalk.

4. Use headphones in public places

Music / Flickr

Never play music at a coffee shop, library, on a bus, or any public place. Just use headphones and keep the music low. No one else really wants to listen to your music or whatever you’re watching or listening to.

5. There are many cell phone etiquette rules

Smartphone / Pixabay

If someone shows you a photo, just look. Don’t touch their phone or swipe through their photos. You never know what you might see! You also shouldn’t give out someone’s phone number without them giving you permission first. Some people like their privacy more than others.

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