Which Things Cost More (Or Less) When You Retire?


Retirement is the thing that most of us work towards for our entire lives. Experts say that you should save about 80% of your current salary to use per retirement year. However, you may want to save more because unexpected costs may come up!

There are certain things that cost more when you retire, and luckily certain things that cost less. It all depends on what you need in life, your health, and what you like to do with your free time. Here are some items that could cost more during retirement years and things that may cost less.


So, what actually costs more?

health insurance
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Health insurance costs could go up when you retire because you no longer have an employer paying part of it. Health insurance costs also tend to go up as you age. Ask your health insurance company for tips on how to keep your premiums low and focus on staying healthy so you don’t need to use an expensive plan! If you get sick or hurt, your medical costs could be more as well, so take care of yourself.

Travel / Air Force Retiree Services

If you are retiring early so you can travel, keep in mind that travel expenses can rack up. If you are planning on taking a lot of vacations, make sure to plan ahead for the costs so you can save up enough money before you retire. You don’t want to spend all of your retirement money up in the first few years.


assisted living
Assisted Living / AF.mil

Unless you are living in a home that you paid off, your home expenses could increase. You might think about moving. Assisted living apartments or retirement homes can cost a lot of money! Make a plan for where you’d like to live and save enough money in case you may have to move into a retirement home or assisted living place one day.

Golf / 931st Air Refueling Wing 931st Air Refueling Wing

While there are lots of retirement discounts, you may find yourself spending way more on entertainment. Think about it… you no longer have a full-time job to keep you busy. What will you do with all that extra time? If you start shopping and doing fun things that cost money, you might find yourself blowing too much of your retirement fund. Think about a part-time job, volunteering gig, or activities that don’t cost a thing.

What actually costs less?

Driving / Pixabay

While there can be many costs associated with retirement, there are plenty of discounts too! Transportation can cost less for retirees. You will likely save money on gas and car maintenance, especially if you commuted far to work. Your car insurance costs may also improve.

Phone / Max Pixel

Find out if you can get any retiree discounts on your bills. For example, some phone companies may give a discount for people over a certain age or for veterans. It never hurts to ask! Life insurance can also cost less because you are older and don’t have as many people to support. You might also want to reduce your coverage depending on your life and family situation.

Retirees / PxHere

When you go out to eat, go to the movies, or do any recreational activity, ask if they have a retirement discount available. There are also many clubs or community centers that offer cheap or free activities for people over a certain age. Find out what you can do for free or cheap in your community by checking the newspaper or online.

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