Costco Now Sells Cheese Wraps And We Need Them For Taco Night


Costco is always selling the latest and greatest. Not only can you find amazing new finds, but you will find them at a great price as well. If you’re a cheese lover, the next time you’re shopping at Costco you need to look for these cheese wraps.

If you’re looking to lose weight or eat healthier, you might be looking for a sandwich alternative. Wraps are great, but if you want something gluten-free that still tastes amazing, these cheese wraps are perfect. They are from the brand Folios and come in Parmesan, Jarlsberg, and cheddar flavors. They sound so delicious!


Are They Actually Healthy?

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@costco find 😍 parmesan cheese wraps 😋 UPDATE: here’s an update since I can’t respond to all the comments. I got these at my local Costco. They were in the cheese section by the dairy/meat. I think they’re super yummy and they work well cold especially with deli meat. They’re nice when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make your own cheese “tortilla.” And thanks to an awesome person, they told me my post made a Yahoo article. And telling by the comments not many people understand how keto works which is fine. They can be in the dark all they want ☺️ : : : : : : : #eatfattolosefat #weightloss #weightlossdiet #weightlossjourney #ketotransformation #ketodiet #keto #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #ketoaf #cheese #costco #ketohaul #ketosis #ketoweightloss

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If you like cheese, but don’t like what it does to your stomach, there is good news! All flavors are naturally lactose-free. They are also gluten-free and low in carbs. They also don’t contain any wheat, fillers, or added sugars. One wrap contains 180 calories, 12 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat. They have been seen at Costco all over the country and come in packs of four or 10. What flavor would you like to try?

Where To Find Them At Costco

Customers say they found these cheese wraps in the cheese section near the dairy and meat. They work well with cold deli meats because they do tend to melt and fall apart if you try to put warm meat on them. You could also break them apart to add on salads.

How To Use Them With Your Daily Meals

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Finally busted into my Parmesan @cheesefolios and whipped up this AMAZING lunch! I had half a bag of @aldiusa Caesar salad kit (no croutons) that I put together, and added a couple slices of that crispy bacon I did yesterday (instructions on the video post). I layered it inside the Folio and folded it at the top. Totally looks like a wrap! It’s important to let the wraps set out about 5-10 minutes before wrapping to prevent it from breaking. Mine was pretty delicate, so I ended up eating it with a fork. Someone in the comments (@ketotommy) suggested heating for 5-10 seconds in the microwave beforehand to make them more pliable. I’ll definitely try that when I make another one! I found these at @sunnybridgenaturalfoods, but I’ve heard people say they saw them at @costco and @aldiusa, although mine didn’t have them yet! It was insanely delicious, though! I would do this again, for sure!✌️ ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ ⭐ Free Keto Recipes, Eating Out Options and Full Keto Diet Guide available at ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ #nobunplease #keto #ketogenic #ketoAF #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #ketogenicliving #banting #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lchf #atkinsdiet #atkins #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossjourney #ketofamily #lowcarblife

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You could try these cheese wraps in your lunch with lunch meat and vegetables, for tacos, hot dogs, or anything that you can think of to match with cheese! You could even put them in muffin tins to create cheese bowls for salads. You could also heat them slightly to change their shape. This would work perfectly to make them into hard taco shells for taco night! Check out their Instagram page for many more ways to use Folios cheese wraps.

What do you think about cheese wraps? Don’t they sound delicious? Are you going to look for them the next time you’re shopping at Costco? It is also reported that Aldi sells them too.

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If you love all things cheese, check out this video of some of the most amazing mac and cheese recipes:

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