Mom’s Cabbage Hack Will Solve Your Joint Pain In One Hour


Cabbage is one of the best vegetables, nutrient-wise. It is jam-packed with cancer-fighting properties, low in calories, full of potassium, in addition to vitamins C and K. It’s also a very powerful anti-inflammatory, yet no one talks about how incredible cabbage compresses are in terms of relieving joint pain.

This veggie is commonly used in relieving the pain in swollen, inflamed, and bruised skin. Since it is a natural remedy for relieving pain, you may also use it as a relief treatment for arthritis and sports injuries. Find out the best way to utilize a cabbage compress for relieving joint pain. Take a look!



What You’ll Need:

  • Cabbage (preferably red cabbage)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gauze or Bandage
  • Rolling pin/wine bottle/meat hammer
  • Oven

Here are the instructions provided by Healthy Food House on the best way to utilize a cabbage compress for joint pain: 


  1. “Wash an outer leaf of the cabbage well, dry it, and cut out the hard stem. Then, place it on the counter, and bruise it with a rolling pin to extract the juice.
  2. Next, wrap the cabbage leaf in foil and leave it in the oven for a few minutes to warm it.  Place the leaf directly over the affected area, secure it with a bandage or gauze, and keep it thus for an hour.
  3. Repeat a few times daily, each time using a new leaf. The presence of anthocyanins quickly soothes the pain in the joints and fights inflammation. Although the cases of cabbage allergies are very rare if you notice swelling or itching in the area, remove the compress immediately.
  4. If you prefer cold compresses, you can refrigerate the cabbage prior to making the compress, and skip its heating.  You will feel the improvement after the first application!”
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