13 Candies That Only People Who Are 30 Or Older Will Remember


There are lots of decently vintage items from our childhoods that the newer generations may not understand. From toys to food, there are tons of vintage items out there just chilling in the back of our closets or in our basements… well, maybe not the food, but definitely the toys!

However, today, we are definitely taking a dive into the foods that only people 30 years old and older will remember. Soon enough, you’ll be scouring the Internet for a little taste of your favorite childhood memory. Here are 13 foods only people 30 and older will remember!


1. Altoids Sours

Flickr / Xurble

We know your lips are puckering up just by the thought of it. They were apparently discontinued due to low sales, even though we miss them terribly.

2. Creme Savers


Creme Savers hard candy was the absolute best and featured two flavors and two colors, but the best was undoubtedly the Strawberries & Creme flavor.


3. Candy Cigarettes

Old Time Candy

These childhood-famous cigarettes were made completely out of chalky sugar, bubblegum or chocolate and wrapped in paper and packaging that resembled a real-life cigarette.

4. Gold Mine Bubble Gum Nuggets


These little pieces of bubble gum resembled real blocks of gold! If only that were true…

5. Bubblegum flavored Amoxicillin


The only good thing about getting sick when you were younger was knowing you’d be prescribed bubblegum flavored medicine. Back when times were simpler.

6. Barnum’s Animal Crackers


They still sell these far and wide, but the original became known as Barnum’s Animal Crackers in 1902. The logo itself is a perfect example of how times have changed, as it continues to evolve over time.

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