These Are The 8 Worst Foods To Feed Your Grandchildren


Kids can be pretty picky eaters, but that doesn’t mean you should just give them whatever they want. While kids are growing, they need to eat healthily and get all the best nutrients. Whether you take care of your own children or grandchildren, there are certain foods that are the worst items you can give them.

Here are some foods to avoid giving to children and why. We also give you some healthier alternatives!


1. Chicken Nuggets

chicken nuggets
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Processed chicken nuggets from fast food restaurants or the frozen food aisle aren’t the best. They have preservatives, as well as high amounts of sugar, sodium, bad fats, lots of calories, and other unhealthy fillers. Instead, make homemade chicken nuggets made from grilled chicken breast. Mustard or marinara sauce is also a healthier option than sugary ketchup.

2. Pop/Soda

soda pop

Whatever you call it, it isn’t healthy for anyone, especially children. It has lots of sugar and many kinds also have caffeine. It can stunt growth, lead to cavities and weight gain. Give your grandchild water, milk or homemade juice instead.


3. Hot Dogs or Processed Lunch Meats

hot dogs

You’re going to want to think twice before making a bologna and cheese sandwich for your grandkids. These processed meats have lots of sodium, saturated fats, and calories. Freshly cut meats are better for you than anything heavily processed.

4. Boxed Mac N’ Cheese

mac n cheese
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Mac N’ Cheese is a staple for many kids. However, the kind you buy in a box can contain sodium, artificial colors, GMOs, and other unhealthy items. Homemade mac n’ cheese is better for kids. To make it even healthier, hide some vegetables in there.

Read on to the next page for even more bad foods to give kids and what to give them instead!

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