Christmas Cards You Saved Could Be Worth A Lot Of Cash


Do you always save the Christmas cards you receive in the mail? Some people might call you a hoarder, but turns out, this could have been a genius idea. Chances are you saved them for nostalgia’s sake and to look back at the cards your loved ones got for you. However, these vintage cards could be worth some money now.

The market for all Christmas collectibles is on the rise and vintage Christmas cards can sell from around $10 to $50 per card, depending on the card. Rare ones can sell for even more. Now is the time to look for holiday cards at an estate sale or find them in your own home. Here’s what to look for:




With many collectibles, the older the card, the more valuable it may be. The tradition of giving Christmas cards to your loved ones began all the way back in the Victorian era. Since many people throw away their Christmas cards after Christmas has come and gone, you can see why saving some of the oldest cards can be worth a lot to collectors.

Many cards have the year printed on the back, but if there is no date, you can usually tell if a card is old by the drawings and by the condition. Victorian cards often had flowers, robins, and other animals on them.




If you have any cards with themes or that were made by famous artists, you could be looking at some money. Now we can buy mass-produced cards by famous artists, but back in the day, they may have been more expensive or not many were printed.

Cards that have illustrations that elude to a certain war or a nostalgic item can tell you how old a card is too. Santa cards are big with collectors as well. Recognizable cartoons and characters could also be worth money. For example, if you have a Mickey Mouse card that looks like it was made in the early days of Disney.



Once you’ve realized that a card is very old, the condition that it is in can tell you a lot about the value. If your old Christmas cards have been in boxes and don’t have any rips, fading, or other damage, they will definitely be worth more cash.


cat santa

If for some reason you came across a Christmas card with a famous signature at a sale, you could have hit the jackpot. Make sure it is a real pen to paper signature and not a reproduction first. The Royal family sends Christmas cards to just about everyone they know, so a few cards have been sold over the years.

Did you know that vintage Christmas cards could be worth money? Do you have any lying around in your house?

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