According to Science, Wives Are More Stressed Out From Husbands, Not Kids

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If you are a married woman with children, be honest, do your kids or your husband stress you out more often? Surprisingly, studies show that husbands are often the cause of stress and the reason wives experience headaches, irritability, fatigue, and even anger. This is true even if the husbands aren’t cheaters or abusers.

Parenting can be really stressful, so why do husbands stress out wives even more? Here are some reasons husbands might stress out their wives and how to fix these issues.


1. Husbands sometimes act like another child

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Men can sometimes act like kids. Not every man and not all the time, but studies show that men, in general, are a little more immature and want to just be friends with their children. Think about it this way. A little kid acting like a kid is normal. A grown man acting like a kid can get annoying real quick for his wife. A tip for all parents: stick together on tough issues. Don’t let the children pit you against each other. Decide on discipline strategies early on and be unified. Also, share the responsibility of having a child equally. Don’t just pin it all on one parent and your relationship will be a lot better in the long run.

2. Wives are usually more responsible for household chores

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Studies show that most moms say that not having help with household chores from their husband is a major source of stress. Women are often expected to cook, clean, pay bills, grocery shop, etc. The men are expected to work and come home to relax. This problem has a simple solution: split up the household chores. Ask your spouse if they need help. Dividing chores in half and having the children help can make things go quicker and then you have more time to spend doing fun things as a family.


3. Women often feel guilty for not being perfect and blame the husband


Unfortunately, if a woman feels responsible for all of the household chores, the children, and works full-time, it is impossible to do every task perfectly. She may feel guilty and turn the blame to the husband, instead of talking things out rationally. Talk about your feelings and issues with your spouse and aim to work through tough things together.

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Unfortunately, stress is just a natural part of life. Life can be more stressful with a family, but it can also be more rewarding as well. Learn to develop stress management techniques and time management skills. This can help reduce stress in the family and keep relationships stronger.

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Do you feel stressed out at home? Do you think your husband (or wife) or kids stress you out more?

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