11 Signs That You Have A Guardian Angel Following You


6. Finding coins


Do you ever find random coins? Check the year on the coin or notice if you keep finding change when you are in need of money. This could be a sign that your luck is changing or you will come into some money.


7. Unexplained Light

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Do you ever see a random flash of color, floating orbs, or any other kind of color or light when there shouldn’t be one? Unless you need your eyes checked, this could be another sign from a guardian angel.

8. Rainbows

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Rainbows are lovely to look at. If you have asked for help and see a rainbow after, know that your prayers have been heard! If you ever see a rainbow even when it hasn’t rained, this could be a sign you are being looked after too.


9. Sudden temperature change


Some people believe a room gets cold if a ghost is passing through, but if your guardian angel is near, you might feel a relaxing warmth. This should be a feeling of being protected. Additionally, you might just have a feeling that an angel is near. Trust your natural instincts. You might feel like someone walked past even if no one else is home.

10. Read the signs (literally)


You might be driving or walking along and you keep seeing signs that say the same thing. Stay alert for phrases or words that might guide you. If you have seen the movie Bruce Almighty, you might remember the scene where Bruce asks for a sign and sees so many literal signs, but ignores them. Watch it again below.

11. Numbers


Do you regularly see 11:11 or other numbers? Many believe that angels try to get our attention by showing us the same number regularly. Write down any numbers you see often. It could be a time, address, or random number anywhere.

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