11 Signs That You Have A Guardian Angel Following You


Have you ever been in an accident that you shouldn’t have survived or gotten out of a dangerous situation without getting harmed? Did you believe that a guardian angel was looking out for you? Many people believe that guardian angels are angels that watch out for us. Some believe that guardian angels are loved ones who have passed or they just believe in angels that watch out for people.

No matter what you believe, here are some signs that might point to a guardian angel watching out for you.

1. Finding feathers


Finding feathers as you walk could be a sign that your guardian angel is near you. It is a very powerful sign if you find it in a very unusual spot, such as finding a bird feather in your home when you do not own any birds or feather pillows.

2. Clouds with shapes

angel cloud

Do you ever look at the clouds and see shapes in them? If you see a heart or an angel-shaped cloud, it could be a sign or a message from your guardian angel.

3. A strong whiff of scents


Have you ever smelled the perfume or cologne of a loved one who passed when no one else was around? This could be their sign that they are with you. You might also smell your favorite scent or a beautiful floral scent if your angel is near.

4. How children or animals act


Do you ever notice that a baby or a pet will just look at the ceiling or the other side of the room and stare? They may also get excited or happy. Some people believe that babies and animals can actually see angels, so if you notice this behavior, there may be a guardian angel close by.

5. Hearing random music


Do you ever hear a song over and over on the radio? Do you get a song stuck in your head randomly? Or do you actually hear singing or music when there isn’t anything nearby? These could all be signs or messages from your angel. Pay close attention.

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