27 Classic Movies That Turn 50 Years Old This Year


24. Targets


This horror film is about a psychotic Vietnam War veteran who goes on a killing spree. The tagline was horrifying: “TARGETS are people…and you could be one of them!”

25. Yellow Submarine


In this animated movie about the Beatles, the make-believe city of Pepperland is attacked by the Blue Meanies who hate music and the Beatles must save the day.


26. The Love Bug

love bug

If you love the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, you’ve probably seen this movie. This Bug has a mind of its own and becomes a race car champion.

27. Hang ‘Em High

hang em high

This Clint Eastwood classic is about an innocent man who almost gets lynched and then returns to seek revenge.


Which movies are your favorites on this list? Can you believe all of these movies turn 50 years old this year?

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