10 Household Items You Might Own That Will Prove You’re An Old Soul


There are so many new technology devices these days. However, sometimes the old way still works just fine! Why buy new when what you have still works? If you live by this philosophy, your home may be full of vintage items.

Here are some really nostalgic things you may still have in your home. Give yourself a point for each one you have!


1. This vintage fan


These days, they have so many fancy fans. But do they really work better? Fans are fans! They cool you down and circulate air. You certainly don’t need a fancy one. A fan like this works just fine. People are even selling this nostalgic fan for over $100 on eBay!

2. The famous ceramic Christmas Tree


So many people had these in their homes. They still look very beautiful during the holiday season, however many people complain they burn if you touch them while they’re on. A safety hazard? Maybe, but we will take it over all the new decorations any day! Some of these even came in different colors… did you have a white or a green tree?


3. A certain tin of butter cookies, that was never full of butter cookies

butter cookies
Office Depot

Do you keep tins and fill them with other things? Your children or grandchildren are probably bummed everytime they sneak a peek into this tin and it NEVER has cookies in it. Where do the cookies go? It remains a mystery and you aren’t telling.

4. Those green, yellow, and orange Tupperware sets


Do you remember when Tupperware was a huge thing? You probably went to several Tupperware parties back in the day and came home with a few new sets. We still don’t understand why these were the colors they chose. Even though they aren’t the prettiest, they still get the job done!

5. If you don’t have Tupperware, you made your own


Do people complain that they can’t find butter in your house because you use empty butter containers as Tupperware? Well, too bad! You aren’t spending money on Tupperware when you can reuse containers from the food you already buy.

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