6 Ways To Prepare Your Furry Friend For Natural Disasters


Prepping for natural disasters, like hurricanes or tornadoes, can be stressful especially if you have a furry friend tagging along. Most pets can detect a storm brewing before we even realize, which is why it’s important to make sure they are accounted for and safe long before the skies open up.

It’s no shocker that with the hurricane season beefing up and the weather changing, we are bound to get some pretty funky storms. Regardless, these tips can help pet owners at any time of the year after a natural disaster occurs. Be fully prepared and follow the list below!


1. Make sure you have identification for your pet

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Ensure that your pet has proper identification. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure they’re always wearing a collar with your home address and phone number on it. If your pet ends up separated from you, someone will know who to look for (you).

2. Have copies of your pet’s vet records


In the event you need to evacuate your home and stay in a pet-approved shelter, some shelters require proof of vaccinations of your pet to be admitted. Be sure that you have emergency copies of your pet’s vet records just in case, especially if you live in an area prone to natural disasters.


3. Know your local evacuation centers

storm shelter
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Relating to the previous tip, especially if you live in an area prone to natural disasters, be knowledgeable of the evacuation shelters in your area. This becomes important in knowing whether those shelters will accept pets or not and will save you a lot of time and frustration if that time comes where you need to evacuate.

4. Pack your essentials

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Be sure to have a full disaster kit ready just in case. It should contain essential everyday things like food, water, medication, etc. Not only for you but also for your pet!

5. Make sure you have crates

cat crate
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In the event that you have to evacuate your home, make sure you have a crate in which your pet can stand and lay down comfortably in. Some shelters do accept pets but require them to be restrained in a crate. Those without crates may be turned away. If you can have a crate with a handle or wheels, that is even more ideal for rushed situations.

6. Have a couple backup plans

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It’s a good idea to have not only one or two, but quite a few alternatives. Some of them may include leaving your home and driving in the opposite direction of the storm. Additionally, you may be able to track some pet-friendly areas and Bring Fido is a great way to track those in a pinch!

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