Do You Remember Vogue’s Bizarre ‘Wine And Egg’ Diet From The 1970s?


According to a Twitter user, likely on a diet search, Vogue had produced a ‘wine and egg’ diet back in the 1970s and it’s just wrong. It’s pretty much exactly like you would guess; just getting stupid drunk from breakfast until dinner and eating eggs. Oh, but your treat is eating steak for dinner. Every. Day.

The whole crash diet thing involves some pretty whacky diets such as the liquid diet, but this one takes the cake. Not only is it an unhealthy way to live, but your bank account is also going to hate you for all the wine you’re purchasing. Oh, and coffee drinkers? This diet will ruin the bean juice for you.


The full meal plan includes the following, every single day:



1 egg, hard-boiled

1 glass white wine (dry, preferably Chablis)

Black coffee


2 eggs, hard-boiled is best, but poached if necessary

2 glasses white wine


Black coffee


5 o.z. (150 g.) steak, grilled with black pepper, lemon juice

Remainder of white wine (one bottle allowed per day)

Black coffee

We don’t know about you guys, but this sounds terrible. And most of the Internet agrees.

That experience sounds about right. Maybe in the time span of 1-2 days though…

This is when avid coffee drinkers might be switching over to tea. Or just water. Or nothing.

Someone even took the time to calculate the calories, carbs, and protein that you would intake on this diet. And half of the calories are from the wine alone. Oi vey.

Imagine being that person who is on the wine and egg diet. You have people over and your hors devours are hard-boiled eggs, steak, and wine. And some lemon juice.

At least you can then say you are actively dieting. But are you losing weight? No data on that, besides the photo saying “loss: 5 lbs” in 3 days.

A writer with The Kitchn courageously took on the wine and egg diet. She confirms it’s as horrible as it sounds. “Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the lack of food, but I legit felt sad by the end of the day. Weepy, even,” the writer wrote, “Like, as I was sitting in bed reading, waiting until it was acceptable to go to sleep because I was so exhausted, and I could have burst into tears at any moment.”

Yikes. This diet can stay in the ’70s! We don’t want it back in style.

eggs and wine

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