This Hotel Lets You Sleep In A Giant Wine Barrel! Yes, The Wine Is Included


Do you love wine so much that you would actually sleep in a wine barrel? If so, now you can! There is a hotel in Germany that lets you sleep in actual giant wine barrels. They were once used to make wine, but now they hold a bed and a bathroom!

The hotel is called the Schlafen im Weinfass in the village of Sasbachwalden, Germany. According to their website, there are about eight different barrels to choose from. Each one has a bed, a bathroom, and all of them are heated. These tiny barrels only fit two people and would be a pretty romantic destination. The outside has a small rock garden on the patio and the views of Germany are stunning. For under $200 per night, we think this is a steal!


Wine Barrel Hotel Germany
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All bookings come with 2 bottles of wine per night, snacks, 1 bottle of Secco and their signature breakfast! Reading their menu made me hungry. Their breakfast is praised on travel sites.

Wine Barrel Hotel
Rhine valley


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Since the barrels are heated, you can enjoy this stay year round, even when it is snowy and cold. We bet the vineyard looks beautiful covered in pure, white snow.


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You get to look out to the vineyard below and it is gorgeous. Can you imagine waking up to that view? Can you imagine watching the sunset in the evening? Not going to lie, it looks a little claustrophobic inside, but it could be every wine lover’s dream to stay in an actual wine barrel! The idea sure is unique and interesting.

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Of course, if you decide to book a room and stay in an actual wine barrel, you’d get to try some pretty amazing wines. According to the website, the farm was built in 1665. They produce over 30 different wines from their vineyard. It is a family operation and currently has three generations working and living on the farm.


unser Rieslingplatz

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Would you ever stay in a wine barrel for the night? Do you think you could sleep in this tiny hotel room? Do you love wine?

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If you are interested in learning more or possibly staying there, check out their website and simply Google Translate the pages if you don’t speak German. It would be such an amazing memory to stay in one of their wine barrels for a night or two!

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