Decorating Your Home In This Specific Shade Of Blue Can Be Beneficial To Your Health


Did you know that different colors of the rainbow can evoke different moods and feelings? Red can be passionate or angry, yellow can be cheerful, blue and green can be calming and pink can be fun! Let’s talk about blue.

Recently, a bright turquoise blue has been on trend and it is said to make you feel happier and healthier. Pantone calls it Capri Blue, but you may call it turquoise or a blue-green. These shades are said to remind you of a calm sea and boost emotional healing and relieve mental stress.


Think about how you feel when you watch the water. Don’t you always feel so calm and balanced? This color in your home is supposed to mimic that feeling. Natural turquoise stones are said to have the same effect. In many ancient cultures, turquoise stones are a symbol of health and prosperity. Some people even say the color and the stone can increase confidence and ward off negative energy.

Interested in adding this color to your home? If you want to fully immerse your room in this color, paint a room turquoise or add turquoise accents. If you aren’t ready for such a bright and vibrant color, add some small accents, drapes, new pillows, etc.


This color looks really great in kitchens and bathrooms too. Think new backsplashes, shower curtains, rugs, curtains and picture frames. If you love a beachy vibe, this color will work perfectly with a beach or ocean themed room.

If you love the color but still aren’t sure about re-decorating, try adding these hues to your next party. Use decorations that are blue and turquoise to envoke happy feelings. It would be perfect for a birthday party for someone who loves the beach or the water.

What do you think about the color family of turquoise and blue colors? Do you decorate with blue in your home or do you usually shy away from it? Did you know it could help your mental state and keep you calm and happy?

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