Science Suggests That Champagne, Chocolate, And Spicy Foods Are Great For You


You might not think of a diet of champagne, chocolate, and spicy foods as a healthy one, but science now suggests it can help you live longer. This exciting menu can spark your taste buds as well as keep you healthy. But, the question is how are these foods actually healthy and what do they do for your body?

Studies show that drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week can help reduce your risk of memory loss and dementia. Certain compounds found in champagne help delay these brain disorders. They also encourage healthy levels of proteins in the brain. These proteins usually start to go away with aging, but champagne can help. So, feel free to celebrate with some bubbly a few times a week!


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Another delicious drink that is actually good for you? Wine! Especially, red wine. Reservatrol, found in red wine, can help improve heart and muscle strength. Some studies suggest a glass of wine is just as good for your heart as an hour in the gym. Watch the waistline though if you try to go this route.

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If you love spicy foods, you might want to stock up on them. A study in China found that people who eat spicy foods almost every day had a lower risk of death from cancer or heart disease. This is because many spicy foods contain capsaicin, which helps you lose weight faster. This could also be great if you want to stay slim. However, keep in mind that some spicy foods cause heartburn in some people, so talk to your doctor or experiment with different spicy foods. Make sure to drink some milk after to calm that spicy tongue.


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If you love dessert, go for chocolate. Dark chocolate is the healthiest, but studies have shown that hot chocolate can also increase our memory by boosting the brain’s blood supply. Chocolate, in general, can also reduce blood pressure.


If you are looking for more delicious foods that increase your lifespan, look to a Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diets of vegetables, fish, and healthy fats have shown in studies again and again to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, breast cancer and heart disease. People who live in these regions also have some of the longest life spans around.

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What is your favorite food on this list? Are you surprised that it can actually be healthy for you?

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