Everyday Items That Were Designed Originally For WWI

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There is no doubt that WWI changed the world. Without those times, we wouldn’t have several everyday items that we are so used to having. Can you imagine a life without Kleenex or gardens in your backyard? There are so many things we take for granted!

Here are several things we use in our culture that may not be around if it weren’t for WWI.


1. Gardens in your backyard


Grow-your-own gardens became more popular in WWI because of the food shortages. Americans were encouraged to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Canning food also became more popular because the food was able to stay fresher for a longer period of time. Do you have a garden in your backyard or do you only buy food from a grocery store?

2. Kleenex


Doctors started to realize how bad it was to reuse the same tissue over and over and how it spread disease and illness. They decided to create disposable handkerchiefs after the war. During the war, soldiers used crepe paper in filters of gas masks to reduce illness. Can you imagine life without Kleenex? Yuck.


3. Plastic surgery

plastic surgery
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Plastic surgery helped soldiers who had facial injuries. Doctors had so many surgeries to help soldiers look and feel better, that after, plastic surgeries for cosmetic reasons started gaining popularity. Can you believe how many people get plastic surgery these days?

4. Kotex

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In those days, it wasn’t considered polite to talk about your period. WWI nurses weren’t given sanitary products so they had to create their own. They quickly discovered that the Cellucotton bandages that were used to treat wounds were very absorbent, so they used them as pads. After the war, pads called Kotex were born as a product with a similar texture.

5. Vitamins


Scientists started looking for ways to get soldiers to stay healthier and get them the nutrients they needed. Medical research started to show the necessary vitamins that humans needed from food. Later on, supplements started gaining popularity as a supplement to healthy food.

Did you know that these everyday items originated from WWI times? Did any items on this list surprise you?

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