See Adorable Photos Of ‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines’ Newest Addition To The Family


Fixer Upper star, Joanna Gaines, just had her fifth baby with husband Chip Gaines, and Joanna just can’t stop snapping adorable photos of her ever-growing family! Many times has Joanna walked in on a snuggle-fest between her husband and kids, or has been involved in one herself and had to snap the moment.

The Gaines family is no stranger to sharing their lives on social media, what with starring in hit TV show Fixer Upper. Joanna’s Instagram is chock-full of family photos and she can’t stop showing them off. We can’t complain!


Walked into this cuddlefest and my heart almost burst 😍

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This is without a doubt the most beloved fan-favorite of them all. Followers of Gaines’ page couldn’t help but go all heart eyes for the trio picture mid-cuddle! It looks like little Crew Gaines is already very popular with his family.

Snuggle time ❤️ #emmiekay #babycrew

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Joanna gets a lot of snuggle time herself, especially with the newest little addition to the family. Looks like she has her own personal photographer, too!


Cuddle bug 😍

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Who doesn’t love an adorable little baby bum though? Joanna is undoubtedly spending loads of time with the new one to ensure a smooth transition. She’s done this four times previously, she’s clearly an expert.

It’s no secret that their family is nothing but supportive and loving. Pictured here are the other four children waiting patiently outside the door to meet their new baby brother. Aww!

Joanna reflects on how her baby was born two and a half weeks early and can’t keep her eyes off him. Click on the post to view all the photos from her beautiful delivery day.

Me + Crew + Cookie = ❤️

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New baby, doggie, and a view. What more could a mother want?

It’s safe to say that the Gaines family has their hands full with a new baby brother on the loose. Proud daddy Chip Gaines has not been quiet either about the new addition. The day little Crew was born he immediately took to Twitter to express his gratitude and also to provide an update on how Joanna was.

Chip has also taken to his official Instagram to share an adorable picture of a sleepy Crew. Albeit, not as many pictures on his Instagram, but we can tell he’s a proud father!


My heart is full..

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