Youngest ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Stuns Judges With Frank Sinatra Cover


Who says little kids these days don’t know good music? Sophie Fatu knows the value of old-school Frank Sinatra music at a very young age. She only loves to sing his music and you can tell she loves to perform for a big crowd.

Sophie Fatu, the youngest contestant on this season’s America’s Got Talent, stunned judges with her rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”. Sophie is only five years old but she has a big voice! She loves to sing old school Frank Sinatra songs. Along with her singing, Sophie loves to dance and put on a show.


When judges on America’s Got Talent asked her who taught her to sing, she told them, “Frank Sinatra.” Judge Simon Cowell also joked that his young son, Eric has a crush on Sophie. He made poor Eric blush and get embarrassed on the show.

Simon also asked Sophie what she would do if she won the million dollar prize on America’s Got Talent. You won’t believe what she says! Check out the video below to learn her amazing response.


Even though the judges were blown away, little Sophie did not make it to the live shows. Some say she should have advanced forward. However, in the recent episode, there were only seven spots out of 18 acts that were able to advance to the live show. With so many talented acts, the judges were put in a tough spot.

Sophie has also been seen on other shows such as The Ellen Show and Little Big Shots. Her larger than life singing voice, adorable little speaking voice, and sweet outfits make her a little girl we won’t forget anytime soon. Would you go see her perform live?


Posted by Sophie Fatu on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Check out the video below to see Sophie sing “New York, New York” for the America’s Got Talent judges and audience. You probably won’t be able to resist her cuteness!

Do you love hearing little Sophie sing? Do you think she will be a famous singer one day and perform all the time?

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