5 Secrets From People Who’ve Lived To Be 100 Years Old


Most people do not get to live to 100, but some do. So, we wonder, what are their secrets? How do we too, live to the elusive age of a centenarian? There are some lifestyle choices that many seniors have in common.

Here are some of the top secrets of those who live to be 100 years old.


1. Good genes


Unfortunately, this one is out of your control. But, if you have good genes and have relatives who lived to be 95 or older, you might have a long life yourself. One of the best ways to determine if you’ll reach old age is looking at how old your parents are/were and if they are/were in good health. Lucky you if you have good genes!

2. Get active!


If you are physically active your entire life, including your senior years, you may live longer. Studies show that just 2.5 hours of moderate activity like walking could extend your life by over three years. Make physical activity a daily habit instead of just working out here and there. It is especially important if you spend a lot of time in your car or sitting at work or home.


3. Don’t overeat

old couple

Eating mindfully is also shown to help people live long lives. It also needs to be said that a healthy diet is helpful in living longer as well. Overeating unhealthy foods stress out your body and metabolic systems. Doing so on a regular basis is pretty bad for you. Try adopting a healthier diet filled with lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat slowly and don’t eat until you’re too stuffed to move.

4. Get connected


It is said that those who feel connected to a community live longer. For many seniors, church, family, and friends can provide a connection that gives them purpose and makes them happier. It also helps to connect with nature and the outdoors.  All of these factors can help you live longer.

5. Stay positive

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One of the most specific things centenarians have in common is that they stay positive throughout their lives. When difficult things happen in life, they stay positive and adapt to the changes. Staying optimistic can help you stay healthier, happier and develop good relationships with those around you.

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