Man Walks 20 Miles To Work After Car Breaks Down, Then CEO Gifts Him With A New Car


An Alabama resident named Walter Carr just received a car from the founder/CEO of his company after walking nearly 20 miles to work. According to Carr, the night before a work day his car broke down. Instead of calling out, he started on the journey to his job at midnight to be there on time. His dedication did not go unnoticed.

Carr works for Bellhops, a company that helps families move. And Carr wasn’t about to let down a family that was counting on him. So he did the unexpected.


Posted by Walter Carr on Friday, September 1, 2017

Pelham Police spotted Carr at least 14 miles into his journey and picked him up to treat him to breakfast. After law enforcement had learned that his car broke down the night before and he was walking since midnight, they gave him a ride to his job. Upon arrival to his job, the officers met the family whom Carr was to be helping, one of them being Jenny Lamey.

Y’all. I am blown away. I would say I am rendered speechless but, in my case when I am overwhelmed, the opposite…

Posted by Jenny Hayden Lamey on Monday, July 16, 2018

Jenny could not be more grateful for Carr and the determination he had for his job and helping others. She said, “In the wee hours of Friday morning, July 13th, Walter walked 20 Miles. To help my family move. Well, that 20 Mile walk brought him way further than Pelham, Alabama. That walk Walter made has brought him into the hearts and homes and businesses of thousands of Americans all across the country.


We are all talking about him and sharing his story with our children. He gives us hope and courage and renews our faith in the resiliency of the human spirit. He is a role model, an example of impeccable character, humility, grit, determination, faith and work ethic.”

CEO Luke Marklin gifted Carr his 2014 Ford Escape for his outstanding work ethic and inspiring journey to work. Carr was absolutely dumbfounded and incredibly humbled by the gift.

People on the Internet are absolutely loving this story and praising the CEO for his recognition of Carr for his hard work.

Some even expressed their sympathy for Carr’s trek to his new job.

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