5 Things You Will Never Find In Restaurants Again

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Restaurants in the United States are changing up their rules. Restaurants are trying to be more health conscious and environmentally friendly. While some of these changes are still in the works, don’t expect to see any of these things in any restaurants in the near future.

Here is a list of things you shouldn’t expect to see in restaurants anymore when you’re heading out to eat.


1. Plastic Straws

plastic straws
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Plastic is just plain bad for our environment. Plastic straws are one of the worst offenders. Plastic straws are used frequently and for a short period of time and then throw away. They aren’t usually recyclable and end up in oceans, killing our marine life. Several restaurants and cities have already banned the use of straws and many more are on their way. If you love drinking out of plastic straws, don’t expect to get them over the next few years. If you love using straws, invest in a washable, reusable kind.

2. Styrofoam

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Styrofoam is another item that frequently pollutes our waters and is harmful to wildlife. Many cities are now banning styrofoam cups and containers and aiming to use recyclable products for your to-go containers.


3. Plastic bags and utensils

plastic bags
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Like plastic straws, other plastic items are being banned from use at restaurants and other businesses. These bans help reduce pollution and protect our animals, who often get caught in plastic bags. Plastic utensils can also be a problem, so restaurants are switching to recyclable versions.

4. Smoking

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Most restaurants these days have already passed a non-smoking policy. This can help protect others, especially children, from harmful second-hand smoke. However, more and more establishments are having to also ban e-cigarettes and vape pens.

5. Trans Fats

trans fat meal
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This one has to do with your food. Trans fats are very unhealthy and can lead to a lot of health problems, so restaurants are not using them in any of their dishes.

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