55 Years After JFK’s Presidency: See What The Kennedy Grandkids Are Up To Now


55 years after John F. Kennedy’s presidency, he would be very proud to learn of the mark that his grandkids are making and doing his legacy proud. While they are doing the best they can to carry on his dreams and goals, they are also living out their individual passions, making for great future leaders.

His grandkids are not only pursuing politics, but other creative careers like acting, modeling, and sports. Here are 10 of the Kennedy grandkids and how they’re doing JFK proud.


1. Joseph Kennedy III

Born in 1980, this Kennedy is following in JFK’s footsteps. He is the son to Joe Kennedy II and Sheila Brewster. He graduated from Harvard Law School and currently represents Massachusetts in the House of Representatives. He was sworn into office in January 2013.

2. Robert Kennedy III

Robert Kennedy III was born in 1984 and is an actor and director. He is the son of Robert Kennedy II and Emily Black. Shortly after he graduated from Brown, he took his service to show business, and directed a musical called ELEW: Live from Infinity and it co-starred with Alec Baldwin in 2013.


3. Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy

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Kathleen Kennedy, also known as “Kick,” was born in 1988 and is a model/actress. She is the daughter of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Emily Black. After graduating from Stanford University in 2010, she began studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater. She’s guest-starred in shows like Gossip Girl and even did a modeling shoot for Town & Country magazine.

4. Tatiana Kennedy Schlossberg

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Pictured on the right, Tatiana was born in 1990 and is now a reporter. She is the daughter of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. She attended Yale University and was the editor for the Yale Herald. She interned for the New York Times in 2014 and continues her work there as an environmental reporter.

5. John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg

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John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg was born in 1993 and is a writer. He is the son to Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. He graduated from Yale in 2015 and is planning on becoming more involved with politics.

6. Patrick Shriver Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger is an actor and model who was born in 1993. He is the son to Maria Kennedy Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, grandson of Eunice Kennedy. He graduated from the University of Southern California and dove right into the world of acting. He’s been in films such as Midnight Sun (2018) and Go North (2017).

7. Conor Kennedy

Conor Kennedy was born in 1994 and is currently a student at Harvard. He is son to Robert Kennedy II and Mary Richardson Kennedy. He has participated in many Democratic-run protests, but really made headlines when he was rumored to be dating singer Taylor Swift in 2012.

8. Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo

Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo was born in 1995 and works as a consultant. She is the daughter to Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo. She graduated from Brown in 2017 and is an associate at The Boston Consulting Group in New York.


9. Kiley Elizabeth Kennedy

Pictured on the far right, Kiley Elizabeth Kennedy was born in 1994 and is a competitive snowboarder. She is the daughter to Edward Kennedy Jr. and Katherine “Kiki” Gershman. In 2014, she broke the Wesleyan pole vault record when she cleared 10 feet, finishing first place.

10. Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy

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Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy was born in 1995 and is a model. She is the daughter to Robert Kennedy II and Mary Richardson Kennedy. She’s informally considered an Instagram socialite, known for just posting a bunch of glamorous photos from shoots. She recently just covered a photoshoot for Galore Magazine.

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