5 Things Movie Theater Employees Don’t Want You To Know

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Ah, movie theaters. Going to the movies is still a fun pastime for many people. Some still miss the nostalgia of when movies were cheap and the experience was simply a little different.

However, all movie theaters now have a few things in common and the employees may not want you to know about them. We are spilling it all:


1. Why the popcorn always smells so good

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Do you love movie theater popcorn? There is a reason all movie theaters overwhelmingly smell like popcorn. Popcorn has chemicals that make its smell fill the whole movie theater. Also, keep in mind that they don’t always pitch popcorn at the end of the night. Just because it is warm doesn’t mean it is actually fresh!

2. Why movies are so expensive nowadays

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Turns out during the first few months, all of the money made on a money goes back to the movie studios. Movie theaters aren’t making money at that time, so they rely on overpriced concessions to keep them afloat. That also explains why theaters are now offering more deluxe food items and alcoholic beverages. If you’re trying to save some money, do the math on any combination food or beverage deals. Sometimes they don’t really save you anything, but just force you to buy something you may not want.


3. Some theaters purposely use lower quality film to save money

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If you see a movie in “Extreme Digital,” know that it is a lower quality than IMAX digital. It is easier for movie theaters to maintain, so it ends up being cheaper to use. If you really love the quality, shell out the extra cash to see movies in IMAX.

4. Movie theaters may not be that clean

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They don’t give employees much time between showings to clean, so your favorite seat might be filled with food and/or germs. If you are really worried about it, bring some sanitation wipes to wipe down your seat and armrest before the show and alert an employee if there is a big mess.

5. The sizes are always changing

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Trying to lose weight so you ordered a small popcorn? Beware, the small size might have been medium last month. The sizes of drinks and popcorn are always changing. Your best bet if you are looking to be healthier is to eat before you head to a show.

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