4 Secrets All Bath & Body Works Lovers Need To Know ASAP

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Bath & Body Works products are a staple for many women. Their products smell amazing and they are great for many different types of gifts. The best part is that they often have amazing sales that can feel like you’re practically stealing the products!

Here are some secrets about shopping at Bath & Body Works that you need to know if you want to score the best deals:


1. Make sure you shop their two semi-annual sales

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They offer two huge sales; one is during the summer and one is usually right after Christmas. Both generally last a few weeks (or until the products are gone). You can save up to 75%! This is a great time to stock up for yourself or to have a few gifts on hand. Often, discontinued scents or products will return at this time as well.

2. Their return policy is great

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If for some reason you don’t like what you bought or you hate a scent someone gave you, you can return it easily. You don’t need a good excuse and you can usually return something that has been used, within reason. Even if you don’t have your receipt, you can score store credit to get something you’ll actually use.


3. Make sure you make use of the coupons

Bath & Body Works is known for their great coupons. Make sure you get both email and mail coupons because you may receive different deals that you can combine. You will also be notified of new products and sales before anyone else. Keep in mind that you can use coupons three days before the start date and three days after the end date at most stores.

4. You can also get price adjustments

Did you just buy your favorite lotion only to find out it went on sale a few days later? No worries, call or email the store and ask for a price adjustment within 14 days of the purchaseย date.

Do you shop at Bath & Body Works? If so, what are your favorite products? If you found this article interesting, please share it with a friend!

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