‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Show Will Reportedly Move Forward Without Roseanne Barr


People magazine has reported that Roseanne Barr has agreed to walk away from a proposed Roseanne spinoff show. After the racist tweet that caused her show to be canceled, it’s reported that the actress will not be financially or creatively involved with the spinoff show.

Cast members like John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf confirm that they are tentatively on board for a spinoff show. As far as finances are concerned, they would be earning the same $250,000/episode fee as agreed upon prior to the show’s cancelation.


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For the Roseanne spinoff to work without Barr, she would have to waive the rights to financially benefit from the show. The original series credited Barr as being “based upon a character created by Barr,” according to People.

Nothing has formally been decided yet. Even if Barr does waive the rights, she may still receive a one-time payment for her walk-away.


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The idea of a Roseanne spinoff show inches closer to a green light as Roseanne Barr agrees to leave the character behind. Her departure would leave the show centered around Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene. Everything is still up in the air considering the finances and other details, but it’s looking promising so far. We may be expecting a Roseanne-free spinoff soon!

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According to People, a source from ABC states that the show’s cancellation was unfortunate. They also stated that the revival of this show was the network’s biggest hit.

“Everyone is upset for the cast and the crew, but there was always a feeling that something was going to happen. There was always a heightened awareness with her and we were always on edge about her going off track,” the anonymous source stated, speaking about Roseanne Barr.

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Sara Gilbert made a comment shortly after the show’s cancellation, saying, “I’m sad for the people who lost their jobs in the process, however I do stand behind the decision that ABC made.”

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