8 Fruits And Veggies You Can Grow In Your Indoor Garden


Let’s discover how you can get your green thumb satiated with your very own indoor garden! Do you not have a lot of outdoor space for a garden? Maybe you have a large yard, but you’ve never been able to get a garden to flourish out there.

Rest easy, you can grow vegetables in your kitchen and it is a lot easier than you might think. You can plant one (or all) of these eight vegetables inside and start your garden!


1. Potatoes


If you want to plant a vegetable that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, potatoes are ideal. You will need to find a space in your home, either the kitchen or the dining room, that gets a lot of natural light.

Potatoes are easy to grow otherwise, they can be grown in planter pouches. Just make sure they have lots of room to grow! Cooking Expert Reveals A Brilliant Hack To Make Peeling Potatoes Easier Than Ever!


2. Spinach

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You can always make a spinach salad if you grow your own. You can keep spinach in your indoor garden year round.

The key to growing good spinach is having a good drainage pot, as spinach cannot get too moist. This allows the moisture to get out, but also lets the air in.

3. Microgreens


If you’ve got spinach, you’ll also want some microgreens (like kale, arugula, Swiss chard, and more) to build hearty salads.

These power foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients and they’re so simple to grow! You can grow them in your kitchen garden using vegetable seeds.

4. Herbs

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Did you know that you can plant herbs during the winter? They’re not just meant for spring and summer!

However, if you plant herbs like basil, chives, lemon grass, etc. during the winter, you’ll want to keep them safely away from the windows, so they don’t get too cold, as that will cause wilting.


5. Scallions, Perfect for an Indoor Garden!


Scallions (also known as green onions) are so versatile you can grow them basically anywhere. You can grow scallions from seed sets (they look like bare-root mini bulbs).

You will put them an inch down in rich soil in a potted plant and you’ll want to harvest when they’re between 6 to 8 inches tall.

6. Radishes


When growing radishes indoors, you cannot keep them sitting in water. However, they will need sufficient moisture in order to grow.

You’ll want to sow the seeds sparingly indoors and then you can let them grow to maturity.

7. Strawberries


You can grow your own tasty strawberries at home. As long as you have the proper soil and lighting, strawberries will flourish.

They do the best indoors when planted in a hanging basket, as they can grow like they do in containers. Keep Your Strawberries Fresh, this Farmer Reveals His One Expert Tip To Avoid Spoilage!

8. Tomatoes


To get ripe tomatoes, you can plant them in 6-inch pots in soil in your kitchen. You will want to keep the soil slightly moist and in a warm location to germinate.

A good spot for this is the top of your fridge and you can keep replacing seeds every two weeks to keep tomatoes in the house year round.     (CREDIT)

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