These Drawings Of Princess Diana With Her Daughters-In-Law Will Make You Feel Emotional

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The recent Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was stunning. However, one thing was missing: Prince Harry’s mother Princess Diana. Her tragic death many years ago was still on everyone’s mind as Harry tied the knot with his new bride. She was also missed at Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.

One artist named Autumn Ying decided to create a series of drawings of the royals, including a stunning drawing of Princess Diana, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton all in their wedding dresses. She posted several drawings on Instagram.


Autumn says she uses watercolor paints, colored pencils, and shimmering paint. She also touches up the drawings digitally before posting them on Instagram.

A statue of Diana, Princess of Wales will be erected in the grounds of Kensington Palace at the request of her sons, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The Princes have convened a committee to commission and privately raise funds for the creation of the statue. This committee will advise on the selection of the sculptor and will work with Historic Royal Palaces on the statue's installation in the public gardens at Kensington Palace. The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry said: "It has been twenty years since our mother's death and the time is right to recognise her positive impact in the UK and around the world with a permanent statue. "Our mother touched so many lives. We hope the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to reflect on her life and her legacy." While the sculpting of the statue will begin soon, it is not currently possible to advise when it will be unveiled. It is hoped that this will occur before the end of 2017. Further announcements on the statue's sculptor and design will be made in due course.

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In one of the drawings of the three women, she writes in the caption, “I’ve always found that home is simply a matter carrying it with you. While Princess Diana won’t get to see both her daughters-in-law, in reality, I’m thinking of visualizing this scene as a touching tribute to the late mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.”


If only all three of these amazing ladies could have met.

✨#yingfashioncanvas ✖️#RoyalWedding In that fleeting time together with you, I found love of a lifetime. • Here comes the joyful version of the royal family which I would like to express the family bonding that’s precious 💫 Thanks for the overwhelming responses for the #RoyalWedding artwork over these two days! I’m truly blessed and touched at the same time because to majority, I’m just new to you and yet you guys took time and effort to encourage me and some of you even took approach to ask for credit for those reposts which didn’t tag me. Thank you for being so kind with all the lovely gestures. • It’s the encouragements given by all of you that lead me till this far. And I think it’s time to give back to this world. I will be preparing art prints for this #RoyalWedding series for you after receiving all the requests. While for every art print purchased, the amount will be donated to UNICEF, in hope of helping the children in need out of malnutrition in Cambodia 🇰🇭👧🏻👶🏻🇰🇭 • The world needs all the love it can get. Every single kind gesture will spark hope and make a difference, and I believe that the world does response, right? 💓 • #surrealart #princessdiana #katemiddleton #meghanmarkle #princesscharlotte #fashionillustration #lovelife #thecreativehive #and_draw_something #drawadot #yingfashioncanvas

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We tragically lost Princess Diana in 1997. However, in both William and Harry’s weddings, there were touches of Diana during the day.

Just Married: Introducing The Duke and Duchess of Sussex #RoyalWedding

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For example, Meghan’s bouquet included Princess Diana’s favorite flower, white garden roses, straight from the private garden at Kensington Palace. Meghan also wore a ring to the reception that once belonged to the late princess.

Autumn also posted several pieces of Princess Diana and her boys, Diana by herself, and Meghan and Harry. We think they are absolutely beautiful and well done.

✨#yingfashioncanvas ✖️#RoyalWedding You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you. • I always have such a daydream 💭 Even though we don’t know in which part of the world she is right now, but if there’s such a magical time map of the world, I would know because the place she exists has to the brightest-the place full of stars, lights and magic 💫 • The #RoyalWedding series are all ready for art prints! Keep reminding myself everyday to spread the love with the ability I have to the world, and so you do. The effortless action of buying any art print of this series will spark hope for the kids in Cambodia via donation to UNICEF ❤️👬👭❤️ • #surrealart #princessdiana #princewilliam #princeharry #fashionillustration #lovelife #thecreativehive #and_draw_something #drawadot #yingfashioncanvas

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What do you think of these drawings? Do they make you feel nostalgic? Which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below.

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