Meghan Markle Steps Out For Her First Royal Engagements With The Queen


Meghan Markle has just stepped out with Queen Elizabeth for the day, and it looks like the two are having a fantastic time! With a day full of happiness and laughter, the ‘girls day’ is certainly off to a great start.

The two disembarked in Cheshire, about 200 miles from London via the Royal Train in Runcorn. It was apparently the Duchess’s first trip to the north of England, and the Queen was more than happy to be a part of it!


The outing shows a significant style change in the Duchess’s transformation to royalty. She’s apparently traded in her messy bun look for a sleek, straight hairstyle.

While she also usually wears pants to some occasions, she clearly made sure to opt for the skirt with pantyhose in light of the Queen being present! Great style choices.


It appears that Meghan has also perfected the “duchess slant,” coined by Princess Kate Middleton. Princess Diana also approved of the pose! The “duchess slant” is used when a lady has to sit for a long period of time, but wishes to keep her poise and proper posture. It is a very modest way of sitting, and Meghan definitely has it down! The Queen obviously approves of Meghan’s natural transition into royal nature.

In addition to the Duchess and Queen accompanying one another on their trip, huge crowds poured in to show their appreciation as well. Meghan was pictured greeting many families in Cheshire with true elegance and grace. We can assume she’s been taking notes from the Queen or she’s just a natural!

All in all, the royal outing was a success and the two royal ladies had a marvelous time. Whether it was the two spending quality time together or greeting giant crowds, it was time well spent!

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