Little Signs That You Might Be An Old Soul At Heart


Do you think you are an old soul? An old soul is someone who may not be very old in age, but they have wisdom beyond their years. They also seem like they were meant to exist in a different age of time. So, how do you know if you are an old soul? See how many of these qualities you have:

You’re introverted. If you feel you need to recharge your energy by spending time alone and need peace and quiet, you might be an introvert. You might also be a good listener and have different interests than most people. You probably keep to yourself more often too.


You love the classics. Whether it is a book, movie or music, you love classic or old school things.

classic books

You see the big picture instead of every small annoyance. If you tend to look at things as speed bumps and see the longterm picture, you might be an old soul.


You believe in soulmates and finding your one true love. This classic love story idea intrigues you and you have faith you can make it through life together and be madly in love.


You were a little different than other kids. If you felt different than your peers, were a rebel or just got along with adults better than your classmates, you might be an old soul.

You like to dress classy. You won’t be found in clothes that make you look too sexy or like a bum. You just like to be sophisticated.

You love listening to stories and are fascinated by all types of stories from different people, especially stories from a long time ago.


When dealing with a problem, you look to history for a solution. You know the tried and true option is the best way to deal with most things.

You are a true giver in life. Whether it is time, money or possessions, you would gladly give the shirt off your back to anyone.


You take time to think through important decisions. You are not a person who does anything too quickly and even tend to over-think things. You will weigh all of your options before making any decision.

girl studying

You love learning. There is nothing more important than knowledge.

You know how to remain calm, even in the most chaotic of situations.

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