Brooke Shields Is 52 Years Old And Still Looks Absolutely Stunning In A Bikini

brooke shields

Brooke Shields seems like she has been in the Hollywood industry forever, but it’s actually been closer to about four decades. If she has learned anything, she now knows that confidence comes with age.

Shields is currently modeling in Swimsuits for All’s new “Power Suit” campaign along with other celebrities like Ashley Graham.


The 52-year-old looks as amazing as ever in the new swimsuits. Shields is also a mom of two to Rowan, 15, and Grier, 12. Being a mom hasn’t stopped her from looking sexy and confident and her fans on Instagram seem to agree.

Her Instagram followers jumped in with glowing compliments: “Stunning, stunning, stunning, and brings back such amazing memories from seeing you in so many covers of Seventeen,” wrote one commenter. “Holy moly — fit and fab at 52,” wrote another. We totally agree. Do you?

Sheilds admits she felt insecure about her body for many years, and now at 52 she feels more comfortable and confident than she ever has. She also admits it took her many years to separate the opinions of others with her own opinions of her looks.

She now feels proud of all the work she’s put into her body over the years and how she’s maintained a healthy lifestyle.

She shares that her toned body is the result of an active lifestyle and not diets. She loves to take cycling classes and keeps busy with acting and her QVC line, “Timeless.”

She believes life is all about balance and believes that you have to find a way to stay healthy and fit that works best for you. Her favorite advice is to drink a lot of water, get a good night’s sleep, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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